3 things about me…

Hi, Blissful Beings!

I have connected with many new souls these last few months, and my guides are nudging me that I need to share some more things about myself.

3        Things about me:

1.      I have and always will be the ‘Blacksheep’ of my journey – and I LOVE it that way, I LOVE being different, the ‘woo woo’ one, the weird one, the “she talks to spirits one.” – whatever label society will say or try to program into others, I LOVE it. Being and allowing myself to be the outcast reminds me how much I have grown and healed already in this life. In those moments I am allowing myself to be my true authentic self. No character, no masks of personality, no expectations from others – just the true me. 

2.      I am a Starseed, I chose to come to earth to shine light on all the darkness this ‘3D’ dimension has to offer. This makes ‘matrix’ reality very hard for me. I don’t know how to have small talk conversations without being completely disconnected because I am a wisdom seeker, I LOVE the deeper questions the ones that alter your whole perspective of reality. With being a Starseed, I am also an empath. My empathy for others can be crippling if I’m not careful. Having a balance between alone time and friends is essential, and lots of time with animals because let’s face it we just understand each other.  

3.      I only post on social media when my guides and highest self nudges me to do so. I do not understand “Social Media”, and I don’t plan on taking any more of my energy to do so. It is a beautiful platform to create and connect to amazing souls all over this earth and I am so blessed with all the clients and friends I have gained through this platform, but it’s not something I attached to unless my divine team encourages me to post or start creating. If it’s not purposeful for me or my ‘followers”, It’s not in alignment for Bliss.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me, I LOVE you and I am so happy we can connect this way!

Let me know something about you. Are you an empath? Are you the outcast of your reality? Are you a Starseed? Could you care less about Social Media algorithm?

We might just be a perfect match 😉 Makes sense why you’re here…