5D New Earth Collective Energy

We are shifting, transforming, growing into our new earth reality. The time is now âœ¨ðŸ™ŒðŸŒðŸ¤âœ¨

When you shift from the 3d to 5d consciousness you are no longer afraid of what might happen in life, you are resilient to stress and negative emotions. You are no longer reactive to the world or matrix reality, you respond proactively, you raise the emotional state of LOVE, and compassion. You live your life through your heart expansion expression, you know that you are the light and source energy.

In this awakening, you feel true freedom, better health, eat nourishing high vibrational foods, increased energy, removes pain, resilient to life challenges, true connection, conscious awareness, and can live life fearlessly.

Your higher self heals and restores your mind, body and soul. Higher levels of consciousness enable you to tap into your higher levels of understanding. You see the world differently, remove past the suffering, feel true happiness, LOVE yourself and others, know your inner strength, energy and wisdom. â¤ï¸

We all have the ability to ascend and awaken to the Truth of this life, the choice has always been up to you…

Needing some guidance on ascension to new earth 5d consciousness? Connect with me during our session we dive deep into connecting you to your highest self and divine healing team, helping you remember who you really are and why you came to earth during this time. âœ¨ðŸ’™

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