Rebecca Kobes

Hi! I am Rebecca Kobes

I am an energy healer, self LOVE guide, spiritual coach, medium and mentor.

I grew up being an energy healer. I remember always connecting to spirit as a child. I would share messages from the other side with my family, I would spend hours talking to animals, and I would hug everyone I met because of this deep knowing I had of being an energy healer.

I found energy healing at a very early age before I knew of fear, doubt, stress, and heavier energies. These energies came to me as I got older, with school, divorces, bullying, failed partnerships, toxic relationships, and mental health to name a few. I allowed heavier energies to completely take over my life.

I started to feel I wasn’t allowed to be myself in this life. I was labelled and bullied by others – most importantly myself. I would do anything to be anyone else but me, I played many different characters in this life, never allowing my true self to shine, the more I tried to deny my truth, the more disconnected and depressed I felt.

I spent years living in fear of what being myself meant for my life. These many gifts I hold within I denied and locked them away, I never allowed them to have meaning or purpose. This created a dark heaviness within me. I felt I wasn’t good enough, I could never do anything right, and I was not loved or supported in this life, in turn, manifested my depression and anxiety. I was in a downward spiral of self-destruction.

Until my panic attack started, these dark moments of my life shook me to my core. The thought of death from this life where I had all these gifts and abilities that could help others was unbearable. My intuition knew it was time – It was time to know I had a purpose. It was time for me to be Rebecca Kobes.

I broke through all the walls I put up, I threw away all the different masks of personalities and characters I played, and I finally embraced my purpose and the person I am in this life.

My next step was overcoming my fear that if I was myself, I would lose my family and friends around me. The magic in overcoming this fear by being myself is that it truly made all the people and connections that were not meant for me step away, and all the connections that are meant for me show up with genuine LOVE and support.

This healing path I choose everyday. I choose my gifts and abilities with connection to spirit, healing others through energy work, and helping others gain awareness to awaken themselves to what their purpose is on this earth. Through inner connection with self, I have learned who I am and what I am here to do. I understand the hurt, I have felt the pain, I know the grief.

I started Bliss-Rebecca Kobes to be able to hold space for each client to come in and be able to release, realign and find balance within themselves. I am here to guide and LOVE every insecurity, fear and doubt within you - transforming it into confidence, security in purpose, and presence with self.

Welcome to Bliss…

“We are here for a greater purpose. You are here to remember this purpose and become the greatest and best version of you." – Through each and every session with me, I will hold space for you to learn what this purpose is and what is here for your highest and greatest good. Helping you find your BLISS” – Rebecca Kobes