Rebecca Kobes

Hi Blissful Being!

I am Rebecca Kobes, and I am here to be your guide, teacher, coach and energetic support in this life.

It is part of my purpose to hold space for you to release, realign and find balance within yourself. I am here to guide and LOVE every insecurity, fear and doubt within you – aiding in transforming those energies into confidence, security in purpose and presence within self.

I am open to the channel of Divine Source energy. I can see angels and spirits, energies, auras, and feel other people’s thoughts and emotions. I have a deep understanding of how vibrational frequencies affect me and others. My most heighten sense is Claircognizance, meaning I am highly sensitive and intuitive to all around me. I have a deep “knowing” exact truth and purpose within seconds.

When I first meet someone, all I see is the highest and greatest version of themselves. This version is based entirely on LOVE, purpose, and source energy. There are no ego or fear-based influences. They are authentically the greatest and highest version of themselves. Being shown this version of someone, then seeing the different fear-based beliefs, society standards, and stagnate energies they have attached to is my biggest motivation to shine light and hold space for them to see and feel the truthful loving version energetic being that they really are.

I have always had a deep passion for helping others and awakening them to the greatest-highest version of themself, because of my own experience.

I lived many lives, and even a short period of this life being the person everyone expected me to be, a version of me which sacrificed my purpose, my gifts – my true authentic self. I used to try very hard to fit in and be a character that society could accept. This only manifested deep darkness within me, suffering from unknown illnesses, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, you name it I have felt it. It wasn’t until these stagnate energies became too heavy where I started to question purpose and if I was meant to be here. In those deep moments of darkness and questioning is when I allowed myself to reawaken to the person I really am, the gifts I hold and the purpose I am meant to live. I allowed myself to reawaken to my highest self.

I broke through all the walls I put up. I threw away all the different masks of personalities and characters I played, and I finally embraced my purpose and the person I am in this life. It was time for me to be Rebecca Kobes.

I specialize in heart-centred living, truthful loving expression, purposeful conscious living and LOVE. I live my life authentically and with a loving purpose. I allow myself to be my own vibration of Bliss. I allow myself to step into this power to hold space for others to awaken to the inner Bliss they all hold within,

Now that you better understand who I am, let’s shift over to you. Who are you? Without any labels or society standards, who are you? What is your purpose here in this life?

Do you hold deep questions within that you’ve been screaming out to the universe in your mind, but never aloud for fear of being labelled or persecuted?

Questions about who you really are, where you came from, what your purpose is, and how to awaken to the truth of this reality?

There are many lessons to learn and truths to uncover in this reality, But it all begins within. So now is the time to ask yourself:

Are you ready to awaken?
Are you ready to meet the highest and greatest version of yourself?
Are you ready to become the blissful being of light that you truly are?
Are you ready to live your life within purpose and LOVE?

Connect with me and let’s start your spiritual awakening journey… your time is now.

You are most deserving of this.

Welcome to Bliss…