Rebecca Kobes

Welcome to BLISS, Hi, I am Rebecca Kuypers! (Formerly known as Rebecca Kobes)

I am a spiritual coach, self-LOVE guide, energy healer, and mentor. I started Bliss years ago where I have held courses, private events, and sessions for clients to 'remember' the power they have in this life, guiding them towards their inner BLISS.
I started Bliss all that time ago to hold space for clients to be able to release, realign and find balance within themselves.
With every service and event I offer, I aim to aid others in their awakening journey within, guiding them towards the abilities and modalities they hold to help them strive along this human experience. I am here to guide and LOVE every insecurity, fear and doubt within you - transforming it into confidence, security in purpose, and presence within self.
I am deeply passionate about this healing evolutionary journey we are all on together. This healing path I choose every day. I choose my gifts and abilities with connection to spirit, healing others through energy work, and helping others gain awareness with expressing my journey and everything I learned and relearned in this life, in turn serving others to awaken themselves to 'remembering' they have purpose on this earth.
With the time that has passed I have grown along with my business, as I am still accepting one on one sessions I am growing more into private events, online learning and my Talk Spiritual To Me podcast.
This human experience is always evolving as I am evolving with it, I am so proud to be on this life experience at the same moment as you! Let us learn, grow and LOVE. Thank you for showing up and being here.

Welcome to Bliss…

“We are here for a greater purpose. You are here to remember this purpose 
and become the greatest and best version of you." –  Rebecca Kuypers