Blessing Food

“Remember’’ what you eat and consume affects your vibration. As everything is energy, there is a constant and continuous exchange of energies between you and anything you come in contact with.

The food we eat brings us the energy of its own. Healthy foods that contain all nature’s elements and are rich in nutritious and healing components will feed us with pure and divine energy of Mother Nature. And when food contains chemicals, artificial, processed, and other harmful ingredients, it feeds our body with these low vibrational energies. But, with the power of setting intention within prayer – Whatever energy is in our life we have the power to shine light upon it and let it benefit us rather than defeat us. ✨

There is true power in blessing our food. It is a way of pre-digesting the food and preparing it for the highest nourishment for our body. Taking a moment to set a blessing upon our food, we raise the vibration of the food, allowing ourselves to step into the awareness of food choice, how it will benefit our body, and what a blessing it is to have food. 🥗

This is the silent or spoken intention of blessing I say in my space before meals to help me “remember” the true blessing it is to have food and allow it to serve my body for the highest and greatest good. 🙌

I invite you to try the powerful energy of prayer over the food you consume. Allow it to serve you, allow the blessing of food to be in your awareness. ✨

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