Boundaries can protect your energy and lift you up rather than drain and defeat you. Having healthy boundaries means knowing and trusting who you are and what you need in this life.

Being in tune with my gifts and abilities makes me very vulnerable in everyday life. Setting boundaries has become essential. The growth and LOVE it has brought to my life is truly magical. 💫

Here are a few things that happened for me:

Before having boundaries with people ✨I had connections with people but never tuned in to how we served another, I would take on very low vibrational energies from others, I would have conversations that were draining and completely didn’t serve me, I would spend all my time with people leaving me completely drained and no time for myself because I didn’t know how to say “no”.⠀

With having boundaries with people ✨I have loving, heart-centered connections. I protect myself from others by energetically cutting cords after spending time with another. I spend more time with myself making sure my cup is full before spending my energy with others, I say no, I have purposeful conversations that serve one another, my relationships are mutual, and understanding knowing how to fill another up and what our limits are. Most importantly, after spending time with others my energy is full and I feel loved.⠀

Boundaries taught me self-awareness and helped me have deep and meaningful connections with my people, something I craved in this life.⠀

Sit with yourself. Tune in to the relationships around you, how do they serve you? What conversations are you open to? How much are you willing to give? How much are you going to receive? How do you want to feel after being with your people? What are your limits? 📝

Your time and energy are precious. You are allowed to choose how you use it. You are allowed to teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.⠀

Set boundaries darling, you are most deserving of this. ❤️⠀

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