Breathe work…

The breath is the flow in us from the start to the end of our lives. ⠀

In life when the tough moments arise our bodies natural reaction is to hold our breath. When we are about to yell or cry, we likely hold our breath. This is energy – holding in emotion, trauma, stress, or pain all in our bodies. Breathing it out is a type of energy release – releasing all of these feelings from our spirit.

Breathe work helps our bodies have flow again – helps our inflammation system drain, releases tension in our muscles, improves self-awareness, and so many other amazing benefits for our well beings.

Take in this awareness of the breath and how this little step can help in your journey. Taking breaths mindfully helps you connect to each moment. Connecting with your body and what is going on around you. Help your body have this awareness. ⠀

Inhale – Exhale ⠀
Take a deep breathe, hold and let it all out.

LOVE and Guidance

Becca. #bliss#healingenergy#breathework#inhale#exhale