Cleansing your space…🧹🪶✨

Just as we need energy cleanses and realignments, so does our belongings and space.

We leave imprints from fear, worry, anger, anxiety; you name it it’s there. If the energy is not cleaned out regularly, your space can start to feel heavy.

I invite you to start being mindful of the space you live in; how does it feel? Are you needing to donate some thing that no longer serve you? When’s the last time you took some time to clean that junk drawer? Taking these little moments to tune into your space and figure out what and where needs some cleansing attention, can be the difference between having a home and a haven.

Sundays are my day to clear and cleanse, or truly any other day I feel is needing it. Here is a little 3 step process to use in your cleansing process.

✨ Space Clearing – Cleaning and cleansing your space from any and all low vibrational energies, There are many wonderful herbs to burn or essential oils to diffuse to help the cleansing process.

✨ Energetically Rearrange –Rearrange to help the energy flow smoothly throughout your space.

✨Heart Expansion – Fill yourself and your space with the energy of LOVE and gratitude, thanking yourself for making these changes to help enhance your energy and your life experience.

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