Conscious Living

Do you live your life consciously? 🧘🏼‍♀️⠀

Living consciously is an amazing practice. It’s not something you do just once, but a healthy habit that you can form and reform for the rest of this life.⠀

Be conscious, and think about everything you do. Make conscious choices rather than doing things without thinking or because someone else said or did so.⠀

It may sound very simple, but few people practice this, they live life on autopilot, and just do what they have always done. And it’s truly easier that way, but we are here to grow and this is a practice to help transcend us. 🌱⠀

It’s not easy to changes our lives, to break out of our routines, to shut off the programming, and finally begin to live the lives we want. It takes effort, energy, and constant growth to be conscious of our choices. 💚✨⠀

I LOVE myself enough to take time to know and “remember” who I am, to be aware of the choices that are for my highest and greatest good, and of the choices that do not serve me.⠀

I invite you to start to explore yourself, all the parts of you. Loving yourself by choosing yourself & “remember” who you really are. ⠀

Living consciously is a choice, will you start to choose it? ✨⠀

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