Distance Healing…

We all walk very different paths, all having different beliefs, perspectives and realities.

Right now, you might be wanting to help others see life through your eyes, our angels remind us the only way to help others in their own life is to send them LOVE. LOVE is the most powerful energy that can help souls along this life journey. 💜

Distance Healing is a perfect modality to use when wanting to send LOVE and healing light to others. Anyone can send distance healing LOVE, here are 4 Distance Healing visualization modalities to use: 👀

❤️ First, visualize divine light and love entering you and filling you⠀
Feel/experience/believe this energy within yourself; then you can radiate it outward.⠀

❤️ Second, Visualize the person you want to heal⠀
Feel the divine energy moving outward from you to that person. Do this from a state of mind of total relaxation and acceptance, meaning you do not doubt the effectiveness. You simply allow divine energy to do its work.⠀

❤️ Third, Visualize your loved one receiving love and light⠀
Imagine it filling every cell in their bodies, bringing health, happiness, vitality and joy instantly and abundantly.⠀

❤️, Cut, Clear & Cleanse this connection once complete.

✨ Tip – Hold your visualizations for brief periods Then take a break. This will help you focus intently and avoid being distracted.⠀

With practice, you will enhance your distance healing skills. The only thing that is necessary is to not forget to work on yourself first– raising your own vibration to LOVE and beyond. ✨🦋#distancehealing#love#energyhealing#blissrebeccakobes#loveispowerful