Feel your feelings…

Processing your feelings allows you to access your own inner wisdom, in turn connecting you to your highest self.

‘Society’ tries to instill the belief system that having feelings makes you vulnerable or sensitive, we are taught that these traits and emotions aren’t safe. Belief system? = bull sh**t

‘Remember’ the truth.

YES – MEN HAVE FEELINGS, and they are ALLOWED to have feelings.

YES – Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, are all REAL.

YES – Heavy low vibrational energies can attach to ANYONE, including your very happy partner, friend, co-worker, or parent.

What ‘society’ doesn’t teach is to FEEL YOU FEELINGS.

I used to be a human that would run far away from my feelings – replacing them with toxic patterns, low vibrational foods or drinks, connecting with energies that did not serve me, I would completely be dismissing that anything was ever wrong with me.

I learned time and time again how important it is to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS.

Every feeling has a message. When an energy comes forward I have a few steps I will share to work through them:

  • Validate if this emotion is mine or someone else’s?

As an empathic very sensitive person if I don’t use my energy protective modalities, I get attached to everyone’s energies that completely drains me, and latches me on to very low vibrational energies. This process of validation allows me to ‘know’ if this energy is mine I go to my 2nd step., If this energy is someone else I go to step 4!

  • Talking with my Highest Self or asking myself “why” 

ME: “Why am I feeling so exhausted.” Highest self: “Have you allowed yourself to do the things you LOVE to do, rather the things society says you should do.” This source always has the greatest answers, and helps me hunt down the energetic purpose of the emotion.

  • Expressing Emotions

Talking with myself or a loved one about how I am feeling. As we express our emotions/feelings this is an energetic way of releasing them from our bodies. Allowing them to have meaning is allowing them to release. “I am having anxiety” there is nothing wrong with that, it is so valid to feel how ever you feel! It is your reality if it feels mad it feels mad! Express it – Release it!

  • Cut, Cleanse, Clear

I ask my angels to Cut, Cleanse and Clear all energetic attachments, entities, wayward spirits and all low vibrational energies that are not of service for my highest and greatest good. I envision sending all the emotions and energies that don’t belong to me down to the roots of the earth. Feel it draining out of your field and into a place where it can be transformed. I do this Daily!

You already have every answer you will ever need inside of you; you just need to learn how to access this.

I invite you to allow yourself to FEEL your feelings, allowing yourself to learn the energetic purpose of your feelings, and allowing them to release.

LOVE and Guidance…

Becca…#energyhealing #blissrebeccakobes #feelingyourfeelings #release #youaresource