Highest Vibrational Life…

When you are asking for your highest vibrational life to come forward in your life, you might be shocked at what and who all is released.

I know in my world I am finally allowing myself to have the highest vibrational connections and work through the “shift” I have been trying to avoid. & WOW is it ever worth it.

Real connection, real conversations, real LOVE. It all showed up when I allowed it to. Allowing myself to be grateful for what wasn’t in full alignment for me, and allowing it to release.

I am a very stubborn person, but being gifted the perspective shift it really helped me stand up and put in the work, and ask myself what I am needing to evolve in all areas of my life.

How has your life been shifting? Take a look at your relationships, tune in to your conversations, see how your dynamics are shifting.

It is happening because you created it.

Allow it & Trust it.

It is time for you to live the life that serves your highest timeline. You deserve it. ❤️