Letter from an Empath

“While I LOVE to help others, I am not responsible for fixing your life or catering to your toxicity. I am not responsible for managing your triggers, walking on eggshells or telling you what you want to hear in order to keep the peace. I am not your emotional punching bag nor am I your emotional sponge. I do not exist for your pleasure or as a site for your projected pain.

My responsibility is to myself – to be my own person and stay true to myself – to heal my own wounds, manage my own triggers, and engage in self-care so that I can give to others authentically without depleting myself in the process.

My responsibility is to maintain healthy boundaries.” – @selfcarewarrior

Letter from an empath…✨🤍

You’ve had quite a challenge this lifetime. You know you are not like everyone else, you know a lot more than you can say, and you’ve suffered quietly and deeply for a long time. I am an empath so I know firsthand the struggle to maintain firm boundaries, clear thoughts and feelings and good physical health within self and relationships.

To my fellow empath, You are a gift to this earth, your sensitive nature and healing aura is a beam of much needed light on this dense dark planet. You are here for a greater purpose, you are here to live YOUR life. It’s time to start choosing YOU. ✨🙌💫🤍🦋

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