Live your TRUTH

When you start doing the inner work you might think it has to look a certain way, this could be you attaching yourself to others projections or judgments as to what they think it should be, but truthy the biggest part of inner work is living YOUR TRUTH – Living and being your true authentic self. ✨💙

You are HUMAN – it can look and feel however you need/want it to – this is where you find harmony.

The day I decided to just simply LIVE is the day I truly started living. 🙌 Consuming, connection, and being with anything I wanted because I ‘remembered’ that I AM the powerful one and everything I do I create exactly what the energy is and how it will serve my life.

I invite you just start living the life you truly feel is right for you. Start living YOUR TRUTH. This is where you will feel the powerful shift of simply being you. ✨🤍