Reality of being grateful

In each moment, you get to choose which part of yourself you want to express,

Your ego wounded self that lives in your mind OR your true highest Self who lives in your heart and soul.

Your true self, your higher self, your source, LOVE, and truth, lives in the present moment and feels grateful for the opportunity to express LOVE and appreciation for all that is in the here and now.

The moment we let ego take control is when we step into the complaining, it can sound like the “buts” of life. For example, when you say;

“I am so grateful for today, BUT tomorrow won’t be this good.”

Let your heart-centered words be what they truly are in the present moment, without ego coming in to control the narrative.

“I am so grateful for today.” Feel it, believe it, live it. 🧘🏼‍♀️

I invite you to start taking notice of your actions and where it has brought you in life. This energy of gratitude will bring joyful bliss to your life, and you will soon realize how powerful you are.❤️✨

What are you grateful for today? #graditudechallenge

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