Self worth comes from within…

Your angels remind you that the only validation you will ever need is validation from yourself. ✨

As much as we are programmed to post on social media or to speak with our friends of our accomplishments, struggles or questions before we take a moment just for ourselves. We are reminded that before seeking external validation, ask yourself,
“What do I hope that person/platform tells me?” Then tell it to yourself. And when emotions get heavy, ask yourself: “What does my body need? What does my mind need? What does my soul need?”

The answers you seek have always been within.

A modality I use to seek validation from myself is taking moments for myself, breathing into my heart centre, connecting back to my highest self, asking questions or talking with myself about my accomplishments or struggles. Energetically wrapping myself up in LOVE, appreciation, and support. This modality has always given me the validation I am needing.

Do you have any techniques for validating yourself? ‘remember’ you are most deserving of being validated by yourself, and taking those moments to figure out what feels right for you.

You are your source. ✨❤️