Bliss • Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

60 - 90 Minutes | $143



Before each session you are asked to set an intention for the session, aiding in enhancing your energy. Invite yourself to get clear on what it is you are wanting to create and release in your life. State exactly what you are wanting to call in.

Some intention energies - Healing, Relaxation, Forgiveness, Self-LOVE, Awareness, etc.- Intentions are a way create the flow of energy.

All of these sessions can be done via Skype, and are done in a one on one setting.
All sessions are also able to be recorded so you can save for future references.

Are you being pulled towards learning about chakras, energy work, meditations, or manifestation? Have you always wanted to learn how to clear & shield your energy, and the essentials for grounding your energy?

Through this session you will gain awareness within all of these modalities, including insight within your gifts and abilities for your highest and greatest life purpose.

Essentials in this session:

  • Connecting to your soul family – Highest self, angels, guides, ancestors, past self, archangels, etc.
  • How-to’s of manifestation and power of intention
  • Protecting your energy – Shielding & Grounding.
  • Heart Expansion Meditation.
  • Raising and heightening your vibration
  • 7 Main charkas