Shadow Work

“If you’re truly honest about growing, changing, and living your life to the fullest degree, you will, at some point, come across many parts of yourself that you’ll find difficult – if not completely disturbing – to accept.”

Shadow work is the healing journey of allowing the unconscious – conscious, becoming aware of the hidden and repressed aspects of ourselves, exploring them, forgiving them and accepting them. 

Have you ever done something that made you say ‘I don’t know why I did that – that is not me!’? – That right there is shadow self.

There are many modalities to help become aware of your shadow and the repressed energy you have buried within. 

The practice I have always turned to first is – observing my thoughts and asking myself “why?’ A modality to peel back layer by layer the cause of repressed energy. 

Every time you find yourself judging, projecting, or having a strong reaction or belief – stop, observe yourself without judgment, and dig into why you feel that way. You will soon be able to control it, heal it, change it or choose not to act on it. Making it easier for you to understand and heal yourself. 

Be kind and patient with yourself as you dive into your shadow, ‘remembering’ to allow yourself to show LOVE within you.