Starseed are old souls, filled with wisdom and spiritual knowledge. They choose to incarnate on Earth to share their light, knowledge, and participate in the planet’s evolution to fulfill a divine mission and bring positive change to this world. ✨❤️

Right now, there are many Starseed on planet earth, assisting others in their awakening and bringing positive light and LOVE to earth despite the fear and control. They knew this “plan” before being born and they have been preparing it for lifetimes to help others find understanding and purpose.💫

Are you a Starseed? I am!

There are many types of Starseed! I am a Pleiadian/Arcturian. 💙👽✨

If you connect to being a Starseed I have found an amazing article the covers all the types, signs, and how to activate your power! @alyciawicker

It is time you “remember” who you really are…🪐✨💫👽

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