The fuel of your light body is LOVE

Our human energy field is created by several layers, it is not what this illusion is showing you physically. You are much more than your physical 3D avatar body.

Do you ‘remember’ what form you truly are?

You are your auric field, you are your entire chakra energy system, you are a high vibrational being, you are your soul, you are the energy of LOVE, you are the creation of LOVE,

You are a light body.

Your light body assists you in experiencing God/source energy state and it’s the worthiest gift you can give yourself. It’s the expansion of your power and LOVE energy within.

The fuel of your light body is LOVE.

Want to dive deeper into your true form? My Spiritual Coaching session is filled with multiple teaching modalities helping you ‘remember’ who and what you really are. Connecting back to your source energy and having expansion for the gratitude and gift it is to have this avatar body, and be able you to ‘remember’ the choices you made before coming to earth and activate living your highest and greatest purpose. Connect with me to learn this magical expansion of LOVE.