“The work I do on myself is not a goal, it is a process – A lifetime process. I choose to enjoy the process.’

The process of loving yourself, learning about yourself and ‘remembering’ the true power of who you really are is a forever evolving journey. ✨

Yes, our cycles still come up, there are days when low vibrational energies can consume us, and there are days where we can easily fall back into old sabotaging patterns. This is why it is called a journey.

We are reminded that the more we allow our true self to shine, the more we take care of ourselves and the more we live our lives in the energy of LOVE and truth is when we can easily recognize and release energies that do not match the person and purpose we are in this life.

For me, one of my lessons in this life is to ‘remember’ that I am enough. In the heavy moments where I get triggered or feel insecure those are the moments when my ego or old belief systems set in and I can think the trigger or insecurity is coming from an external source, but if I allow myself to pause and strip back the layers of the truth at that moment I ‘remember’ this Is just my lesson coming up of not feeling enough in this life. On those days the self LOVE gets turned up, I allow myself to go to my people for support and I do all the modalities I know that will help me change my energy and ‘remember’ who I really am. ❤️

This journey is powerful and filled with healing and guidance each step of the way. It allows us to truly live our greatest and best life with no external source holding us back. It is here to serve you and allow our soul to evolve into its greatest form.