Today I am grateful for…

This is a powerful message from the universe helping us reconnect and feel the energy of gratitude. Having the energy of gratitude in our lives is essential for more blessings to come our way. With showing and giving thanks, it reminds us how fortunate we truly are. To have loving relationships, to have food on our tables, to have time with our loved ones or with ourselves – The list can go on and on – How amazing that our blessings even has a list? ♥️✨

For this post, I’ll stick to three energies that I am grateful for…

People – my loved ones, my partner, my clients, my friends, you reading this right now – the connections I have with my people.
LOVE – the energy of LOVE is in my life and surrounds me constantly.
Life – having the chance to experience life – all that I have experienced, and will experience in times to come.

Gratitude doesn’t take much time at all, but it will amplify the Law of Attraction and enable us to manifest all our heart’s desires. Taking a moment to look around, think about what it is we are grateful for. Blessing are all around us it just takes our acknowledgement to notice.

Now it’s your turn – what are you grateful for?

LOVE and Guidance…✨

Becca. 💜#bliss#iamgratefulfor#buddhateas#Healing#lawofattraction