Tough days happen…

When we’re in a low vibrational energetic place it can make our energy feel drained, and separated from who we truly are.

Low vibes can come from many different situations – Letting our tough day get the best of us, being around low energies, not taking time for ourselves, or simply being in a negative cycle of resistance.

Whatever happened that triggered our energy to feel low, there are always ways to RISE our vibrational energy.

Here are a few of my go-to practices when I am feeling low.

– Get outside! Walk/Run – Breathe in outside energy & spend time in nature.

– Surround yourself with the ones/things you love. Your people, animals, plants. Whatever energy that gives you LOVE – let it in. 

– Meditation – sit with your thoughts – observe and release. Reconnecting with your highest self.

– Water – Staying hydrated and Bathing – letting go of stagnant energy as the water drains away.

Lastly – Give Yourself Permission
– Give yourself permission to Rest, Recharge and Restore your energy.

Take a moment to do whatever practice you are needing today to help you feel like you again. You deserve happiness and love always. You deserve to have high vibrational energy.

LOVE and Guidance… ⁣

Becca. ❤️ #bliss #energyhealing #letitgo #yougotthis #highvibe #energy