We are all so wonderfully different…

These differences come out during many different points in our lives journey, and when crises or uncertainty hits we all have different ways of dealing with it…and there is nothing wrong with that. ⠀

If you are doing one thing a day that makes you smile, makes you laugh or just helps you in any positive way, you are doing exactly what you need to be doing. 

This is not a time of who can do better, who can be the happiest, or who can work out the most. None of that matters – nor does it ever. Your life is all about your journey and your growth. This time we have is set out for us to do exactly what we are needing to do, whatever that looks like for you. ⠀

The only thing I encourage during this time is for each of us to embrace whatever that is that helps us grow and feel positive energy.

Dance, sing, create, turn up the positive energies around you in your life. You are so loved. ❤️

Love and Guidance…♥️

Becca 💜#bliss#postiveenergy#theyarenotyou#youareloved#doyou