You are never alone

Spiritual awakening can cause us to feel completely alone because we suddenly find that our perceptions of this life are out of alignment with others. We can’t seem to relate to our friends and family anymore. Conversations/connections are very hard to have because you want to talk about the REAL things, not the comfortable things.

But, Soon upon this journey, you start to recognize the signs all around you. You can feel the nudges from your spirit guides, you can see your angels all around you, you start to become more comfortable and aware of self, and gain confidence as you emerge into your highest and greatest version of yourself. You begin to attract people of like vibration and choose to be with them. You find your ‘tribe’ You find yourself. You ‘remember that you are the universe.

You are a high vibrational being having a temporary human experience. It may seem tough and lonely right now, but a wondrous and beautiful life to be shared with your soul family awaits you if you so choose.

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