You are the creator…

You are ALWAYS choosing your path, it is time you “remember” that you are the creator of your reality. 🙌

Your Divine Healing team is asking you “Will you continue to live in the energy of fear and control? Or Will you choose to live in in the energy of LOVE and freedom? The choice has and will always be yours.” 💚

This magical month of August has presented us with multiple opportunities to choose the highest and greatest timeline of our existence, by releasing toxic relationships, none purposeful work environments, low vibrational patterns, etc. This was/is the month to fully choose yourself. Throughout your lifetimes you have been given signs and nudges to release these low vibrational energies but NOW is when you find your power, remember your truth and awaken to what you truly deserve in this life.

I invite you to start to choose every energy you want in this life! You are deserving of this and your time is now to decide. You are the creator of your reality.

I will and forever continue to choose LOVE over fear no matter the external noise. Freedom, TRUTH, connection and heart centre living is and will always be my reality in this lifetime.

Now it’s time to decide what is yours;
Evolve or repeat?
LOVE or fear?
Internal TRUTH or external noise?

“Remember” blissful being you are and will always be the one in control of your reality. ✨👁💙

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